Candy Chang, Artist

“Our public spaces are
as profound as we
allow them to be”

Cartwright Mural 6.jpg


Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Mālama Kīpuka Hawaiʻi is a 501c3 corporation.  We are dedicated to the creation of vibrant public spaces that serve the communities they are in.


Our mission is to foster connection within communities by forming strategic partnerships with local government bodies, land owners, businesses, residents and other community stakeholders to activate existing underutilized public space and find creative ways to dedicate and convert existing private space for public use.  Kīpuka Hawaiʻi strives to create safe, welcoming and vibrant urban oases or “Kīpuka” that benefit communities by providing social and cultural programming in these newly activated public spaces that is representative of the surrounding community’s rich past, present needs and future vision. 



Mālama in Hawaiian means “to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect, save, maintain”.

Kīpuka in Hawaiian means “a place surrounded by lava, protected, and able to flourish” often times referring to an oasis within a lava bed showing signs of life. 

Mālama Kīpuka Hawaiʻi borrows from this concept to create, nurture, preserve and protect what we refer to as urban oases or “Kīpuka” - vibrant public spaces that provide safe, well maintained, and interesting places within our communities for public use and enjoyment. We seek to identify existing underutilized and neglected existing spaces and form strategic partnerships amongst various community stakeholders to reinvigorate these spaces with appropriate and creative solutions to address the physical (safety issues, beautification, usage needs) communal (how best to serve surrounding communities) and intangible (the things you can’t see or touch, but of that which still have an impact – such as historical stories of the place and the feel or “vibe” of a community).  We also look for opportunities to create new public spaces or Kīpuka to serve communities by partnering with land owners and developers looking to maximize their community benefit obligation with the most impact. By looking at communities most impacted by development, we search for creative ways to offset and provide positive change within the community by the creation of the Kīpuka.